During this trying time as we face a global pandemic—COVID-19, making sure that your workers feel safe in an office or any workplace is crucial. It would be best to restrict the number of people in any provided area at some point to aid in adhering to the guidelines and protocols given by the government regarding social distancing. However, you can promote several hygiene and cleaning routines to your colleagues, such as the following: 

Determine which needs more cleaning 

Some parts of your business premises or office are mostly cross-used by all of the staff. With this in mind, they need to be targeted for more cleaning. Increase the times when you should clean items such as phones, kettles, sink taps, door handles, and ant other things that you believe are handled or touched by several people regularly.  

Clean your workplace 

In any circumstances, contract cleaning is a must. However, you must be investing in regular cleaning now more than ever. Regardless if you hire external Yuma cleaners or hire more staff to aid you in completing these responsibilities internally, doing so can deliver a clear signal to your customers and staff. 

Sanitizers and hand soaps 

Make sure your toilets have sufficient stocks of hand soaps. Also, every exits and entrance should have a hand sanitizer so that employees will be urged to regularly keep their hands clean. You must also urge your visitors and guests to do the same for you to stop spreading the virus as much as possible.  

Limit the people who can occupy a space 

Apart from cleaning, you should think about restricting the number of people within particular parts of your building as much as you can. Perhaps it would be best for your operations to be spread over a larger space to aid people to keep up safe distances from each other. However, this isn’t possible all the time. Hence, regular hand washing, using protective masks, and premises cleaning are a must. 


Here are some hacks that can help you reassure your clients that they’ll be safe as you visit their premises and keep your business going: 


PPEs must be used to help keep your clients safe throughout your visit. These include full boiler suits, face visors, masks, and gloves. Wearing these things can make your clients be assured that you’re taking measures to prevent spreading the virus.  

Hand sanitizer 

Some customers would refuse you to utilize their facilities as you visit. However, regardless if they do or don’t, you can always utilize hand sanitizer to restrict the need and make sure that your hands are clean as you visit them.  

Car cleaning 

Making sure your vehicle is clean can aid to minimize any viral transmission while moving from one place to another. Bring a pack of cleaning wipes with you so that you can regularly and easily wipe down major areas like tools, buttons, dials, steering wheels, and handles between jobs.