Choosing the perfect carpet for your home or space can be overwhelming. There are quite a number of types, colors, and styles available that you can choose from. Although it can prove to be quite a challenge, we’re here to help you how to pick out the one that suits you best. To be honest, you need only know the different carpet types.

Strong Cut Pile

This type is the most popular pick among interior designers, contractors, and the like. It is called a cut pile because fibers that have been looped are cut to have an identical height. This is done to make a level surface when you step on it. Cut pile is additionally favored for its delicate look, rendering it alluring to home with kids and children. The fibers in a cut pile carpet are close together. This means that it feels like it’s padded. This is good for proving support. There are no loops which mean this type is pet-friendly. They can’t claw and pull out anything.


This carpet type has a pile that is deeply rooted, bringing about its shaggy look. It first turned heads in the 70s but only a few colors were available. After three decades, more colors are finally available. People began to prefer it over other types because of its plush and soft appearance and feel. Due to its design, shag carpets are not recommended for kitchen or dining area use, as crumbs and food particles can get lodged and it can be quite difficult to clean. But it is best suggested for bedroom and the such. Its thick and long fibers make it plush and ideal for lazing and resting especially for children and even pets.

Cut and Loop

Nearly as mainstream as strong cut pile, cut and circle rug is a superior fit for those who want subtle styles. This type of carpet accomplishes its appearance through several layers of trimmed top loops and untrimmed loops underneath. Most of the time, styles seem to have been cut legitimately through and created with differentiating hues from a similar group. This little color difference helps disguise issues due to daily use of the carpet, especially in high traffic. In contrast to the strong cut pile, cut and circle floor covering isn’t perfect for homes with pets since their claws will pull out the loops.

Modular Tiles

If you want something durable for your energetic and animated family, modular tile carpets might be the most ideal selection. Coming in a plethora of colors, finish, feel, pattern, and style, these tiles can be installed by homeowners themselves. These tiles are simply amazing. If one of them gets dirty, you can easily clean it by washing it under a sink, dry it, and putting it back. But remember that since they are easy to use and clean, they offer much less comfort or support.

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