If you’re an owner of a restaurant, you are probably knowledgeable about the reasons why you should install a hood in your kitchen. This is actually one of the importance requirements for your business, not only for local code compliance but in order to keep the entire building safe too. However, simply having a hood system installed in your kitchen isn’t enough. As a matter of fact, you have to make sure that your kitchen is kept cleaned as well as properly maintained all the time. 


The main purpose of the hood in your kitchen is to trap smoke, grease, as well as grime before these pollutants escape into the other areas of your kitchen or out into your restaurant. Simply put, the hood can become a reliable firetrap if the oil and grease is not regularly cleaned. Over time, grime and grease deposits can coagulate as well as turn into an extremely flammable, sticky glue-like substance inside the system of your kitchen hood that can potentially ignite when there’s too much heat. This can actually put your customers, assets, employees and the entire commercial building at risk of a big fire. Aside from the fire hazards that are associated with extremely dirty hoods, chances are there are a lot of reasons why it’s very important to clean your kitchen hood in a regular manner. Below, you will be able to learn the most important reasons why it’s best to clean your kitchen hood regularly. 

  • A much cleaner kitchen hood help prevent any potentially dangerous substance from escaping into your restaurant area, which lowers down the quality of air as well as potentially posing health dangers to your restaurant staff and customers.
  • The fire codes and the local fire officers also require that your kitchen hoods should be well-maintained and kept clean all the time. As a matter of fact, if a restaurant is found to have a dirty hood, chances are it might be shut down or fined, or even both.
  • Insurance carriers also require restaurant businesses to comply with the fire safety standards. The moment a restaurant business is found in any violation code, chances are the insurance carrier can possibly drop the coverage of the restaurant or it will increase its premiums.

Advantages of Timely and Professional Kitchen Hood Cleaning 

One very important question that professional vent hood cleaning service providers usually receive is whether or not regular hood cleaning is very important. As a matter of fact, if you really want to, then you can clean your vent hood on your own. But, experts highly recommend that you let an experienced or professional fire protection service provider or a kitchen vent hood cleaning company do it in order to perform the tasks. This is actually important since a professional and experienced Atlanta Hood Cleaning are trained and knowledgeable enough when it comes to cleaning vent hoods in a timely manner. This is because they have the right tools and equipment to do so, not to mention they have the experience since this is something that they do in a daily manner.